advanced driver training

The laws of physics dictate a vehicles safe operating envelope within various environments and human beings have very definite limitations. CTEC helps drivers understand what the vehicle and human limitations are, and how to stay within those limits, by teaching the specific mechanics of the driving task. All of CTEC’s programs are based on scientific principles.

Advanced driver training is the honed skills to stay safe on the road, despite other drivers and adverse conditions. Driving skills to save lives, not only to pass a test.

CTEC breaks the driving task down into the individual competencies required and focuses on those skills sequentially with a modular approach in 4 on-track modules:

- Tight Access Manoeuvring

- Emergency Procedures (collision avoidance exercises)

- Skid Recognition, Correction & Avoidance (skid truck training)

- Hazard Awareness & Critical Decision Making Skills(state-of-the-art driving simulator)

1. Everything that we teach is supported by science. CTEC has taken knowledge gained from years of forensic motor vehicle collision reconstruction experience, and built what is one of the top driver training courses in Canada.

2. Our skid vehicle provides a lower friction surface so that the dynamic instabilities are genuine. Other devices merely simulate a skid. The difference can save your life.

3. Our skid truck separates understeer and oversteer instabilities giving the student the opportunity to clearly understand what is occurring, why it occurred, recognize the difference, learn the proper correction and ultimately, with that greater knowledge, avoid the skid to begin with.

4. We utilize a state-of-the-art simulator to expose the student to a variety of hazards that could not possibly be presented any other way. The simulations allow CTEC to present realistic scenarios and closely monitor the driver in several challenging environments. The correlation between participant behaviour in a simulator with real world behaviours is well documented and is undeniable.

5. Participants progress on the core competencies is measured both subjectively and objectively.

6. Clients can access their employees performance records on-line.


Driving is the most dangerous activity a human can do. There is simply nothing else that we do that results in the volume of death, injury and property damage as does driving. Today’s driving environment is very complicated and traditional driver training often fails to provide the skills needed to safely operate in that environment. Being human our skills erode over time and we often allow bad habits to form. Driving is something we all do. Driving is dangerous. We should have the skills to do it well.