Advanced Driver Training

Canada's national highway system is made up of over 38,000 kilometres of important national and regional highways. On average, six Canadians die in road crashes every day. Many more are seriously hurt. More cars, buses and trucks are travelling on Canada's roads than ever before and as the traffic increases, so does the need for sharing the road safely. CTEC driver training provides the skills necessary for today's driving environment. General information for commercial vehicle drivers such as Hours of Service and Driver Fatigue. Information on distracted driving, including cell phones and texting. Driving on wet, slippery or snow-covered roads is a fact of life for most Canadians, CTEC can teach you how to stay in control while braking or skidding, and avoid a serious collision.

CTEC also utilizes an on-line student booking form and for corporate clients, on-line student performance monitoring.

We work year round to bring you optimum training in any weather condition.

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Advanced Driver Training (Light Vehicle)

Advanced Driver Training (Heavy Vehicle)

Emergency Vehicle Operators Courses

Individual Skills Assessments (One-on-one Driver Evaluations/Training)

Hours of Service Lecture

Behaviour, Attitudes & Consequences (Defensive Driving) Lecture

Fuel SOFT (Fuel Conservation Training Program)


Other courses offered:

Various presentations for your school, safety stand-down, or meeting.

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