Cargo Securement

Professional Driver School

When anything comes off a moving vehicle it represents a significant hazard to other users of the road and those nearby. CTEC has found that most drivers are not adequately aware of what legislation requires and how to be compliant. It would be far better to ensure that your staff is doing it right rather than finding out they have been doing it wrong after someone has been injured.

Advanced Driving Instructor

CTEC's Cargo Securement course will guide your staff in proper cargo securement requirements so you are working within the laws, protecting your carrier profile and the public. Students attending the CTEC Cargo Securement course will leave understanding transportation’s cargo securement requirements and be able to identify securement systems that are not in compliance with the standard.


Driving is the most dangerous activity a human can do. There is simply nothing else that we do that results in the volume of death, injury and property damage as does driving. Today’s driving environment is very complicated and traditional driver training often fails to provide the skills needed to safely operate in that environment. Being human our skills erode over time and we often allow bad habits to form. Driving is something we all do. Driving is dangerous. We should have the skills to do it well.