General Incident investigation

To investigate any type of incident from a slip and fall, an unintended equipment or machinery interaction, to a crime scene all require the same basic steps: DAD: Data Acquisition & Documentation Time and time again we have seen that conclusions and recommendations made post-incident are based on unsubstantiated opinion and conjecture. As such, the company is doomed to see the same type of incident repeated. If wrong conclusions are being made, you are going to be wasting money on the wrong safety initiatives and wondering why the same incidents keep happening. CTEC will describe the data acquisition and documentation steps you need follow to properly investigate your incident and ensure that your conclusions are based on facts..

This 2-day program will teach you:

- preparation for investigation

- what notes are and rules concerning note taking

- scene management skills

- the 3 main documentation tools

- creating demonstrative scene diagrams

- a few key principles of physics and human behaviour

- things you must know about statement taking

- how to conduct your analysis of the incident and how to form your action plan.


If your professional responsibilities involve the investigation of any type of workplace incident this is what you "gotta-know"! What are the benefits:

- identifying the proper root cause

- create safety initiatives that get results

- reduce workplace injuries

- be properly prepared for WCB & OHS reports and investigations

- reduce costs

- increase professionalism.


If you have 7 or more to train, the most cost-effective method will be to book contract training. Contract training can be booked for just about any time so you can choose when it best suits you. And we will come to you saving you travel expenses! For contract training contact Shelley at 780-569-5447 to make your booking.

Individual pricing: $400.00 per person plus applicable taxes.

Scheduled classes:

General Incident April 3 - 4, 2017

General Incident Sept 25 - 26, 2017


Driving is the most dangerous activity a human can do. There is simply nothing else that we do that results in the volume of death, injury and property damage as does driving. Today’s driving environment is very complicated and traditional driver training often fails to provide the skills needed to safely operate in that environment. Being human our skills erode over time and we often allow bad habits to form. Driving is something we all do. Driving is dangerous. We should have the skills to do it well.