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In 1979 I joined the R.C.M.P. Like most, I wanted to contribute to society; to help people, to make a difference. But like so many others, I quickly became disillusioned. I spent very little time actually dealing with those who needed my help and spent most of my time dealing with the underbelly of society. Then in 1982 an opportunity to investigate motor vehicle collisions came up. I found that very rewarding. Now, as a forensic collision reconstructionist, I could use the physical evidence at a collision scene and with an application of science, physics, and human behaviours determine exactly what occurred to cause the collision. I spent my career with Mounted Police doing forensic motor vehicle collision reconstruction. In 1995 I had an opportunity to retire from the R.C.M.P. and join Renneberg-Walker Engineering Associates Ltd. Renneberg- Walker specializes in forensic motor vehicle reconstruction. Now I was using my skills to assist insurance companies and law firms but it was still reactive. In 1997 it occurred to me that all of the knowledge of vehicle dynamics and human behaviours gained from 15 years of collision investigation could be leveraged to teach drivers the things to do, and the things not to do when driving. Here was a real opportunity to make a difference. We could provide drivers with science based skills that could prevent a collision from happening in the first place: we can save lives!


J. Dwain Friesen

Chief Operations Officer

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mobile driver training course
CTEC provides regular advanced driving courses at the LRC in Leduc AB. We are portable and will travel to many location throughout Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan
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Learn valuable off road techniques to keep you moving in all types of terrain. Call Shelley @ (780)569-5447 for details

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