trailer Maneuvering

The CTEC Trailering Course emphasizes the importance of safety while providing experience and guidance in the methods of safe towing and backing. The course has both a classroom and practical component to it, which reiterates the understanding that safety and attention is of paramount importance.

Leaving the course, the students will be able to carry out an effective tow vehicle and trailer pre-trip inspection, be able to safety couple and uncouple a vehicle and trailer and show safe driving of a vehicle towing a trailer through a variety of scenarios.


Driving is the most dangerous activity a human can do. There is simply nothing else that we do that results in the volume of death, injury and property damage as does driving. Today’s driving environment is very complicated and traditional driver training often fails to provide the skills needed to safely operate in that environment. Being human our skills erode over time and we often allow bad habits to form. Driving is something we all do. Driving is dangerous. We should have the skills to do it well.